How to draw kawaii dogs

The dog belongs to the species of canids. Its size, shape and coat vary depending on the breed of the dog. It is characterized by having highly developed smell and hearing. They emit sounds called barking. Their functions are very diverse according to the qualities, size and character of each dog. He is an intelligent and loyal animal to his master, hence his reputation for being man’s best friend.

Dogs have been with humans for thousands of years, accompanying us and being not only our pets, but also our defenders and hunting companions. At first, these animals had been wild, very close to how they currently live a species that are considered from the same family as wolves, foxes, among others. However, thanks to the constant interaction with people, the care they gave to dogs, they were getting closer to them, eventually raising them and tame them for the functions described above.

The physical characteristics of the dogs will be determined by the breed we are talking about, but in general, they will have four legs, the backs being the strongest and the ones that will best walk, helping you to jump in Any case they need it. They have an elongated snout in most cases, with sharp teeth and large molars, which help them chew better.


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